Permits & Regulations

The Asociación Cubana del Audiovisual (ACAV) is an organization dedicated to the development of the independent film industry in the Cuba. Our staff will assist you by expediting any permits that may be required for your production.

Please contact us for more detailed information about your specific needs. In order to receive on location support from the ACAV, please review the requirements outlined below.

General Requirements

  • A letter of intent with company information, along with a script, storyboard or synopsis of the project.
  • An estimated time period for your production in the Cuba.
  • An estimated budget and indication to the amount to be spent in the Cuba.
  • Permits will not be granted if the script content is detrimental to the image of the country and the people of the Cuba.

Immigration Requirements

  • ACAV must be notified of the arrival and departure dates of ALL crew members. ACAV assistance is available in obtaining visa waivers or work permits. For further information on Cuba visa requirements, please email us directly with your inquiry.
  • A Temporary Work Permit Application for Visiting Media Productions is required for all above-the-line and below-the-line members of the production and must be submitted at least ten (10) working days before arrival. Please contact us for details.

Customs Requirements

  • All equipment to be imported (by air and/or sea freight) will require clearance. Customs duties are required, except for equipment brought in on a temporary basis, in which case, only an administrative fee is required.
  • An equipment list must be submitted at least seven (7) working days before arrival. All equipment brought in as cargo or accompanied baggage must be checked in/out with customs on arrival and prior to check in with the airlines at the time of departure.

Expenditure Reporting Requirements

  • A Production Expenditure Report must be completed and returned to the ACAV at the completion of filming in the Cuba. Please contact for details.

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